Phoenix Pooper Scooper Business

Scoop Soldiers is a Phoenix pooper scooper business that has your health and safety as a top priority. While you might want a team of professionals to remove dog poop from your property because it simply grosses you out, the truth is that pet waste is actually very toxic stuff.

Dog poop can make you sick, or cause serious illnesses within your pets. With weekly visits from a trusted pooper scooper in Phoenix AZ, this doesn’t have to be a concern for you.

A Phoenix scooper business that stresses sanitation

The main focus for any pet waste removal effort should be to eliminate germs and bacteria from your property. Our pooper scooper business in Phoenix achieves this in a number of ways.

  • It starts even before we come to your property. We sanitize all of our equipment — even our boots — so that our Phoenix pooper scooper business staff doesn’t bring germs or bacteria to your property from a previous job.
  • While we’re on your property, a pooper scooper in Phoenix AZ will remove each mound of pet waste. We use our tools to remove every pile of waste so you are aren’t left with germs and bacteria.
  • We bag up these messes in biodegradable bags and take them with us. If we tossed them in your trash, you might come into contact with germs. That’s why we responsibly dispose of the waste at our offsite location.

Scoop Soldiers takes every precaution necessary to make sure that neither people nor pets are exposed to unsavory byproducts that come with dog poop.

Put professionals to work on your property

Scoop Soldiers offers weekly and bi-weekly visits from our trained crew members. This allows us to keep up on your dog’s output.

You can schedule your service or get a free quote by talking to our Phoenix pooper scooper business staff. We’re standing by right now to talk to you.