Phoenix Pooper Scooper Services

Completely forget about the unsanitary messes being left behind by dogs on your lawn or commercial property by working with Scoop Soldiers and our Phoenix pooper scooper services.

Opening for business in 2010, Scoop Soldiers is now proud to provide our thorough, affordable brand of pooper scooper services in Phoenix AZ. We provide our clients with visits from trained, hard-working and insured crews that will work hard to eliminate each and every pile of dog poop on your lawn.

Our Phoenix pooper scooper company is thorough in our efforts, making sure to include such important components as:

  • Waste removal
  • Free haul away
  • Offsite disposal
  • Sanitation
  • Deodorization

While doing this on your own might take you hours and require a lot of hard work, our pooper scooper company in Phoenix AZ can make sure this important lawn care chore gets done regularly — and for an affordable price.

Request a free quote on Phoenix pooper scooper services

We invite you to browse our website to check out our general pricing. This is straightforward pricing that won’t be subjected to additional fees. For instance, we don’t charge you extra for having more than one dog or for an oversized lot. We also don’t charge more for an initial cleaning, even if it is more labor-intensive for our crews.

You can also consult with our Phoenix pooper scooper company staff if you need a custom quote. This is necessary for large commercial clients that have a great number of dogs roaming free on their premises.

Keep your property clean and sanitary with Scoop Soldiers

Our Phoenix pooper scooper services are an excellent resource for pet owners and commercial property managers. As pet owners ourselves, we know how much work is required to keep your property clean. That’s why we offer an affordable, easy way to get it done. Call Scoop Soldiers to get started, or submit a request for a free quote online.