Queen Creek AZ Pet Waste Removal

Stop inviting germs, bacteria, diseases and pests on to your property — lean on Scoop Soldiers and utilize our Queen Creek AZ pet waste removal.

We are a leading Queen Creek AZ pet pooper scooper that works hard at this disgusting chore that most people put off. However, putting it off only makes the problem worse. Some folks have yards that become unsanitary messes because they were not diligent in keeping up with their dog’s output.

Now you have a way to keep up. With our pet waste removal in Queen Creek AZ, we provide weekly, bi-weekly and single visits from trained scoopers, who will carefully explore your property to find and remove each and every pile of dog poop. We also haul away the waste and dispose of it at our offsite location.

A pooper scooper in Queen Creek AZ for all types of clients

Scoop Soldiers has services that can be matched with a wide range of residential and commercial clients. The following are just a few types of clients that utilize our Queen Creek AZ pet waste removal services. They include:

  • Residents
  • Apartment complexes
  • Communities (HOAs)
  • Vet clinics
  • Animal shelters
  • Dog parks
  • Doggy daycares
  • And more

We pride ourselves on being a Queen Creek AZ pet pooper scooper that can handle the needs of all these types of clients and more. With our help, they can keep their premises looking nice, smelling fresh and free of dangerous germs, bacteria and diseases. Scoop Soldiers works tirelessly to create a truly pet-friendly environment.

Thank you for choosing Scoop Soldiers

We are honored to roll up our sleeves and do this dirty work for you. Talk to our Queen Creek AZ pet waste removal staff to get started. We can provide you with a free estimate.