San Tan Pooper Scooper Business

Here at Scoop Soldiers and our San Tan pooper scooper business, we are keeping your lawn and dog spaces clean and free of waste. Our team members are professionally trained to get in and get out quickly, leaving behind clean, waste-free spaces. They know the science, they know the technique, and they know the dogs.

What can you expect from your pooper scooper in San Tan AZ? 

First and foremost, a friendly and professional demeanor. Scoop Soldiers loves our four-legged friends. Dog poop scooping provides both health and aesthetic benefits but takes time, effort and work. Let us help you with your personalized waste removal needs.  Have you checked out the fantastic rates and plans offered by our San Tan scooper business?

Let’s talk discount — big discount. If you sign up now and prepay for one year of waste removal service from our pooper scoopers in San Tan AZ, any plan, you will receive 20 percent off!

Scheduling options that fit YOUR needs

Say your dog is like any healthy pooch, which is a regular poo machine. Our San Tan pooper scooper business is in the business of picking up the “business.” We can drop by your home one, two or three times a week. Walk your dog a lot? Once a week from our pooper scooper business in San Tan might be the perfect fit.

Perhaps you have a Grumble of Pugs or a Sovereign of Schnauzers. We would recommend three visits weekly. We even have an affordable one-time option, no questions asked.

Call in a pooper scooper in San Tan AZ

Our army is insured, uniformed, vetted and well-trained. On top of all that, the troops are dog lovers. Leave your companions out in the yard for a little Poop Troop socialization. Scoop Soldiers and our San Tan pooper scooper business don’t mind; we adore getting to know you and your pets. Send us a quote request now or peruse our pricing chart.