San Tan Valley Pooper Scooper Business

You’re not going to find a San Tan Valley pooper scooper business more dedicated to the health and happiness of you and your pets than right here at Scoop Soldiers.

While scooping dog poop for a living might seem like dirty, unrewarding work, here at the Scoop Soldiers, we know the importance of our work. That’s why each pooper scooper in San Tan Valley AZ is focused on cleaning and sanitizing your property so that it is completely free of the germs, bacteria, and diseases that come with dog poop.

A pooper scooper business in San Tan Valley that works hard for you

There is a right way and a wrong way to remove the dog poop from your property. Sure, you might think you’re getting the job done by picking up a few piles of waste and tossing them in the trash, but it’s important to complete a thorough job so that you aren’t leaving your property contaminated by forgotten dog poop.

Our San Tan Valley scooper business takes all the necessary steps, including:

  • Finding each pile of poop
  • Removing it completely
  • Sanitizing the area left behind
  • Bagging up all the piles of poop
  • Hauling them away for offsite disposal
  • Deodorizing the area to eliminate the smell

This makes our San Tan Valley pooper scooper business one of the most thorough services around. Our clients don’t normally have the time, or resources to take all these important steps on their own.

Schedule visits from a pooper scooper in San Tan Valley AZ

The team at Scoop Soldiers can visit your property as often as three times a week; however, most of our clients find that once-a-week service fits their needs.

Don’t let dog poop settle on your property. Rely on our San Tan Valley pooper scooper business like so many others have.