Scottsdale AZ Pet Waste Removal

Dog poop is some nasty stuff, but you don’t have to worry about it when you hire Scoop Soldiers to deliver our high-quality Scottsdale AZ pet waste removal.

A long list of residential and commercial clients already work with the Scoop Soldiers team to keep their properties clean and sanitary despite the constant presence of dog poop. We have a Scottsdale AZ pet pooper scooper staff that is devoted to visiting properties and providing thorough clean up services, which include:

  • Poop removal
  • Haul away
  • Disposal
  • Sanitation and deodorization

That’s the process every single time — we never cut corners with our pet waste removal in Scottsdale AZ, which is how we are able to deliver such consistent,high-quality results.

Who is harmed by lingering dog poop?

While it might initially seem relatively harmless to leave poop sitting around on your property, it can actually have a dramatic impact on:

  • The environment: Toxins from the poop can make their way into the local water supply or otherwise pollute the area. The EPA labels dog poop as a pollutant, and our Scottsdale AZ pet waste removal treats it as such.
  • Pets: Dogs can pass diseases to each other through feces. With regular visits from our Scottsdale AZ pet pooper scooper team, you are able to minimize your pet’s exposure to this harmful substance.
  • People: These same germs and bacteria can be a hazard to people, as well. Dog poop doesn’t always stay outside. When people step in a pile, they can track this health hazard inside with their shoes.

Do you want a pooper scooper in Scottsdale AZ to whip your property into shape so you no longer have to worry about the effects of forgotten dog poop?

We can help! Explore Scoop Soldiers and our Scottsdale AZ pet waste removal. We are confident you will find it both effective and affordable.