Scottsdale Dog Waste Removal

Take yourself, and your pets, out of harm’s way with professional Scottsdale dog waste removal. Scoop Soldiers works with residential and commercial clients to keep hazardous dog waste off of your property on a weekly basis.

Why is this so important? Dog poop is more than just smelly and gross — it is riddled with germs and bacteria that is capable of infecting both people and their pets. With our dog waste service in Scottsdale, you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with it ever again.

Our dog waste removal in Scottsdale creates a truly pet-friendly environment

In order for the dogs on your property to be happy and healthy, they need to be isolated from the harmful matter found in dog poop. Our dog waste removal company in Scottsdale offers weekly and bi-weekly service where we come to you to remove these messes.

We’re comprehensive in our efforts, too. Our Scottsdale dog waste removal team not only finds and removes all the dog poop on your property, but we take it with us as a part of our free, responsible off-site disposal.

For good measure, we even treat your property for that lingering smell that is often left behind. You’re left with a clean, healthy and fresh smelling lawn or commercial property.

Leaders in dog waste service in Scottsdale

Scoop Soldiers has been in this business since 2010, working hard for our clients and their pets. We promise to deliver professional work that is protected by a satisfaction guarantee. We also offer the most affordable service available.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead and shop around with the competition. If you do manage to find a cheaper option, let us know and we will make sure to beat it.

Our Scottsdale dog waste removal is convenient and it promotes sanitation on your property. Get started with it right now.