Scottsdale Pet Waste Management

When it comes to Scottsdale pet waste management, few — if any — services are as meticulous and careful than the team right here at Scoop Soldiers. We take our jobs seriously — and we should. The health of your lawn, pets, and family is at stake!

Scoop Soldiers offers Scottsdale pet waste service that keeps these messes off of your commercial or residential property. We give our clients the option of scheduling ongoing service or bringing us in for a one-time cleaning.

With our pet waste management in Scottsdale, we’re able to keep harmful germs and bacteria off of your property. These are elements that can make your pets sick, kill your lawn and simply gross you out in general.

You won’t find a pet waste company in Scottsdale AZ that is more obsessed with offering a thorough, complete job. This means:

  • Leaving not a single pile of poop behind
  • Hauling the waste away and disposing of it for free
  • Using freshly sanitized tools to avoid cross-contamination
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing the area for good measure

The result of our Scottsdale pet waste management is a sanitary property that is safe and functional for both people and their pets.

Who we work with

We offer our Scottsdale pet waste service to quite literally anyone that needs it — from private residents to the folks that manage dog parks, vet clinics, animal shelters and more. Wherever there are dogs, there is a need for professional pet waste removal. And, Scoop Soldiers is the trusted name.

Learn more about our service

We invite you to learn more about out Scottsdale pet waste management and how you can implement it on your property. Our team is standing by to hear from you. We’d be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.