Scottsdale Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers makes sure your dog’s poop is out of sight and out of mind with our Scottsdale AZ pet waste removal. When you schedule regular service from our team, you will never have to look at unattended piles of dog poop ever again.

That’s because our Scottsdale pet waste removal services team will come by each week — or every other week — to clear off your property. This full-service brand of dog poop scooping includes:

  • Full removal of all waste. Leaving even one pile of dog poop behind is considered a failure on our behalf. We strive to offer pet waste removal in Scottsdale AZ that is thorough and complete. When we leave, you can trust your property is clear.
  • Free haul away and disposal. Just to make sure that the poop is completely off your property and out of your life, our pet waste removal company in Scottsdale will bag it up and bring it with us. We have an offsite location that we dump the waste at.
  • Deodorization and sanitation. The effects of dog poop can often be seen (and smelled) after the waste has been removed. That’s why our Scottsdale AZ pet waste removal includes deodorization and sanitation techniques.

If you tried doing all that on your own, how long would it take you? Do you really have that sort of free time in your week to make sure this job is done right? Probably not — which makes our Scottsdale pet waste removal services all the more valuable.

Schedule ongoing service or call us in for a one-time cleaning

Whether you need the Scoop Soldiers every single week or just once — we’re ready to deploy to your property and wage war against offensive piles of dog poop. Our Scottsdale AZ pet waste removal team can help you get your service set up.