Scottsdale Pet Waste Scooping

You need Scottsdale pet waste removal that is thorough and complete. With Scoop Soldiers, you can have the confidence knowing that every single pile of dog poop on your property will be dealt with each time we visit.

Thoroughness is key in regards to Scottsdale pet waste scooping. When most people get out in their yard and do this chore themselves, they tend to overlook and miss a pile or two. That means germs and bacteria are out on your property and could potentially harm your pets.

Scoop Soldiers is different. The motto of our pet waste removal in Scottsdale is “Leave no mound behind,” and we mean it. Our teams are trained to scour every inch of your property — even areas that some services don’t tend to check, such as:

  • In flower or mulch beds
  • Under decks
  • On porches and patios
  • On sidewalks and driveways
  • In gardens
  • Corners of the lawn
  • And more

It’s this thoroughness that has made us a leading poop scooping company in Scottsdale AZ. Because, not only do we find and remove each pile, but we also offer to haul away and disposal for no extra charge — it’s all figured into the one, low price that you pay.

Our Scottsdale pet waste removal team even deodorizes the area so that you are not stuck with a lingering smell for weeks after the messes have been removed. We’re dedicated to completely cleaning and sanitizing your property so it can look nice and be safe for both people and their pets.

Explore the flexible scheduling options we offer for Scottsdale pet waste scooping

Whether you need visits from our scoopers three times per week, or just once every other week — we have you covered. Scoop Soldiers offers scheduling and service options to fit all lifestyles.

Get a free quote on our Scottsdale pet waste removal or let us know if you have any questions or concerns.