Scottsdale Pooper Scooper Business

As arguably the best Scottsdale pooper scooper business available, our team here at Scoop Soldiers invites you to experience the convenience that comes with hiring a staff of professionals to clean up dog poop from your lawn or commercial property.

Are you currently handling this unsavory chore yourself? Worse – are you ignoring it? We can send a pooper scooper in Scottsdale AZ out to your property for a minimal investment. With our experienced scoopers on your property, you can trust that each and every pile of waste will be removed and disposed of.

Save your precious time with the help of a pooper scooper business in Scottsdale

You can probably think of about 50 different things you would rather be doing with your spare time than picking up the poop left behind by your dog. With our Scottsdale scooper business, you can take back your spare time and trust that the job is still getting done the right way.

Our Scottsdale pooper scooper business allows you to take advantage of flexible scheduling options. You can schedule visits from our team as often as three times a week to keep up with the output of pet waste. But, you don’t even have to resort to weekly service — you can sign up for a one-time cleaning, as well.

Each pooper scooper in Scottsdale AZ from our team will work to:

  • Locate
  • Remove
  • Bag up and haul away
  • Dispose
  • Deodorize
  • Sanitize

We do this upon each and every visit, making us one of the most thorough, comprehensive pet waste removal services in the business.

Explore our service and schedule your first visit

We invite you to learn more about our Scottsdale pooper scooper business and how it has benefitted clients just like you. Our team is standing by to help you schedule your service!