Sun City Dog Waste Removal

Here come the Scoop Soldiers, filling all of your Sun City dog waste removal needs — but not filling your garbage cans with stinky messes. Welcome your personal army of waste removal experts to your property.

Since 2010, Scoop Soldiers has been deploying throughout the Southwest, doing the “crappy” work of picking up after your pets. We can’t think of a more important or time-saving service to provide for clients of our dog waste removal company in Sun City.

Sparing you from a nasty chore

You can save yourself the time-consuming, backbreaking, smelly work of cleaning up after your pets by calling in Scoop Soldiers and our dog waste service in Sun City. We locate the enemy, scoop it and remove it.

The Troops are extensively trained, drive clearly-marked trucks and are equipped with the necessary tools from our Sun City dog waste removal basecamp.

You don’t have to grab it, you don’t have to bag it, and you don’t have to mess up your garbage cans. Imagine NOT having that smell — you know the one — or having bags of poo in your dumpster. Imagine not having to worry about scraping smelly stuff off your boots and shoes.

Saving your time

We mentioned how time-consuming this job could become. With Scoop Soldiers and our dog waste service in Sun City, you’ll be asking yourself what you can do with that reclaimed time.

Take on online class? Learn to knit? Maybe build yourself a nice gazebo now that you don’t have to worry about doggie landmines in the yard. Sure, these might sound a bit whimsical at first glance, but our clients are super happy with the time-saving nature of the business.

The most affordably priced service – period

Our dog waste removal Sun City battalion charges affordable prices, too. Find a lower priced Sun City dog waste removal team, and we’ll beat it — and not only that, we’ll do a better job.  You are going to be so happy with your Scoop Soldiers team.