Sun City Pet Waste Removal

Professional Sun City AZ pet waste removal will keep your hands clean and your lawn fresh and sanitary — especially when you work with the dedicated team at Scoop Soldiers.

Providing comprehensive Sun City pet waste removal service, Scoop Soldiers is dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients with clean, pet-friendly properties that look nice all year round.

Dog poop is a threat to your lawn and pets

Pet waste removal in Sun City AZ is important because allowing dog poop to linger on your property can lead to dire consequences. For starters, it can kill your grass and make your lawn look sickly and unsanitary. By removing the poop on a weekly basis, you won’t give the chemicals in the poop time to damage your lawn.

Also, pets can be harmed by the germs and bacteria in feces. With prompt Sun City AZ pet waste removal, you can minimize the likelihood that they will come into contact with this foul matter.

Reliable Sun City pet waste removal services

With Scoop Soldiers, none of this has to be a concern for you. We have crews that will come to your property as often as needed to find, remove and haul away the dog poop.

We even have an offsite location that we use for safe, eco-friendly disposal. You don’t have to worry about dog poop stinking up your trashcans. These services are available at a budget-friendly price, too.

In fact, we encourage you to contact our pet waste removal company in Sun City to get a free quote. This is a straightforward rate that you can trust — we don’t tack on fees after the fact.

Hiring in professional Sun City AZ pet waste removal can save you time, energy and spare you of a disgusting chore. Get started now with Scoop Soldiers.