Sun City Poop Scooping Service

There’s a mystery in your yard, and our Sun City poop scooping service company is here to figure it out. Where is that smell coming from? How do we find ALL the landmines?

It’s not really so much of a “who-dun-it” as it is a “where-is-it?” for our Sun City scooping company.  Yes, our pets find every corner of the yard, every garden and every fence line to drop their business.  Who finds it all? Scoop Soldiers, a premier Sun City scooping company, that’s who.

Finding and removing all the dog poop on your property

You don’t necessarily have to be a Sherlock to know the ins and outs of keeping your space clean by finding and removing piles of dog poop.  But do you realize the hidden costs of unscooped poop?  The Troops at our Sun City scooping company sure do!

  • Regular cleanup saves lawns and gardens, even if you have the desert look. Save yourself the ugliness of burn spots in your green space or gross “ornaments” on your cacti.
  • Keep your pets safe from ingesting decomposing waste. Keep your family free of the filth that comes with accidentally stepping in, or kneeling on, unseen waste with our Sun City poop scooping service company. Keep your boots and Chuck Taylors clean and odor free, too. We find every pile and leave none behind — guaranteed.

Our affordable rates are no mystery, and our poop scooping in Sun City AZ will not ask you for a lengthy contract. There are no hidden pre-pays for initial clean ups, either.  Our poop scooping service company in Sun City offers guaranteed lowest rates, and that’s our promise to you.

Please visit us at — the newest Sun City poop scooping service company and send us a request for a rate quote today.