Sun City West AZ Pet Waste Removal

When the weather turns favorable, and you’re ready for some outdoor living, Scoop Soldiers and our Sun City West AZ pet waste removal army is at your service. We know you can’t wait to get back out in your yard for cookouts, picnics and to get the kids out in the fresh air.

What better way to enjoy life in the great Southwest than to have a sparkling clean, poop-free area? For your backyard and pet-friendly green space enjoyment, there is nothing more important than pet waste removal in Sun City West AZ.

Erasing germs and bacteria from your property

First, let’s talk about germs and bacteria. Gross, right? You’d probably really rather not think of it or deal with it yourself. Scoop Soldiers and our Sun City West AZ pet pooper scoopers relieve you of the worry of all that icky waste. Do you want your kids playing around bacteria laden piles? Do you realize your other pets might pick up worms from old piles of waste? If you don’t deploy our pooper scoopers in Sun City West AZ, you might not want to host that next big barbecue.

Poop also attracts varmints — villainous varmints. Rats, flies and all sorts of things that dine on, or thrive in, the piles are attracted to the poop that’s left around to decay. Our army at Sun City West AZ pet waste removal not only scoops it up, but we also carry it away. You don’t even need to know where it goes.

Work with the trusted pooper scooper in Sun City West AZ

Last but not least, let’s talk about your lawn. Pet waste burns and destroys the grass and plants that are in contact with the piles. Scoop Soldiers, your Sun City West AZ pet pooper scooper team, leaves you with a beautiful, enjoyable space for the best price and plan.

Call our Sun City West AZ pet waste removal office and talk with a team member about the best plan for your pets. You can also peruse the website for plans for your residential property and even request a personalized quote.