Surprise Pet Waste Removal

Many area residents do not think they need Surprise AZ pet waste removal. After all, isn’t dog waste a fertilizer for your lawn? Not so fast. Experts say that Surprise pet waste removal services can actually protect your lawn from the negative effects of dog poop, which is not healthy for your yard.

The chemical content of dog waste is quite toxic to your yard. You spend a lot of time and money keeping your front and back yards healthy, so why would you let all that effort go to waste? Choose Scoop Soldiers for your pet waste removal in Surprise AZ, and you will enjoy a healthy, attractive yard all year long.

What really happens if you do not use Surprise AZ pet waste removal?

When you leave pet waste to languish on your lawn, you may be in for more negative consequences than you imagine. Surprise pet waste removal services prevent the dog waste from leaving scalded spots on your lawn, but Scoop Soldiers offers many more benefits. Consider the fact that dog waste left on the lawn can lead to:

  • Pathogens contaminating our water supply by leaching through the ground
  • Overtaxing water filtration systems because they are not set up to deal with animal waste
  • Proliferation of diseases, parasites, and viruses found in dog waste
  • Growth in the number of pests – such as flies and rats – in your neighborhood and yard
  • Damage to the ecosystem

Scoop Soldiers is the best pet waste removal company Surprise has to offer, and we pride ourselves on our service. Let us show you the Scoop Soldiers difference today.

The Environmental Protection Agency has categorized dog waste in the same severity grouping as oil and chemical spills. Imagine what that could do to your yard – yuck! Instead of worrying about the health of your lawn, why not consider our Surprise AZ pet waste removal?