Tempe AZ Dog Poop Waste Removal

You’re not going to find more effective Tempe AZ dog poop removal services anywhere else than right here with Scoop Soldiers. We have amassed a dedicated team that provides invaluable service for our clients in regards to removing and disposing of dog poop.

These poop removal services in Tempe are utilized by both residential and commercial clients. We take the necessary steps to ensure that your property is clean and sanitary, including:

  • Finding each pile of waste: Our dog poop removal services in Tempe AZ includes a FULL inspection of your property. That means we look under shrubs, in flowerbeds and all the hidden spots that your pooch could be laying its special “presents.”
  • Removal and haul away: The men and women behind our Tempe dog poop services will completely remove each pile of dog poop and bag it up. We toss these messes on to our trucks and take it with us so you don’t have to deal with them.
  • Sanitation and deodorization: You may be left with lingering germs, bacteria and smell. With our Tempe AZ dog poop removal services, we treat your property for all of these things so you are left with a fresh lawn when we leave.

Our poop removal services in Tempe promise to be the most affordable you can find. If you find a better price than what we can offer you, please let us know. We’ll work our magic to ensure that you pay an even lower price by hiring our team.

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Our team would be happy to help you pick out an appropriate service to fit your needs and schedule your first visit. You don’t have to sign a contract — there is no obligation involved. Let our Tempe AZ dog poop removal services work their magic on your property.