Tempe AZ Pooper Scooper Service Company

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where our dedicated crews strive to offer the very best Tempe AZ pooper scooper service that you will find. Whether you own a small yard or are tasked with managing a large commercial property, we have solutions that will work for you.

We specialize in Tempe pet waste clean up. That means we send our crews of pooper scoopers out to your property to find, remove and haul away these messes. We even offer free, offsite disposal at no additional charge.

Why hire pooper scooper service in Tempe AZ?

Picking up dog poop is just like any other essential chore around your home. Just like you might hire someone to mow your lawn or clean your house, it’s important that someone addresses the messes on your property.

While you could certainly do it on your own, it does require quite a bit of spare time in order to do it correctly. With our Tempe pet waste company, you get to reclaim that spare time for a minimal investment in our service.

Will pet waste dissolve on its own?

Our Tempe AZ pooper scooper service is important because dog poop takes a very long time to dissolve, and when it finally fully breaks down, it will leave behind germs, bacteria and more. Your best bet is to remove it only a weekly basis, which is exactly what you can accomplish with our Tempe pet waste clean up.

Scoop Soldiers provides technicians that will remove each and every pile of poop and sanitize the area left behind. We completely erase the unsanitary byproducts that come with pet waste.

Our Tempe AZ pooper scooper service is affordable, reliable and it delivers results. Get a free estimate by requesting one online or get in touch with our friendly customer service staff for more information.