Tempe AZ Pooper Scooper Service

Stop holding your nose and struggling through your least favorite chore and, instead, turn to a reliable Tempe AZ pooper scooper service. That’s right — Scoop Soldiers is here to do your dirty work for you.

With our Tempe AZ dog poop clean up, you can make sure that dog poop is consistently removed from your residential or commercial property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can schedule ongoing visits from our team of superstar poop scoopers, who will come to you in our company trucks to do battle against offensive piles of dog poop.

With our pooper scooper service in Tempe AZ, you are able to rid your property of:

  • Unsightly mounds of dog poop
  • An abundance of pests, such as mosquitos, flies and more
  • That disgusting smell that never seems to go away
  • Areas of dead grass
  • And more

These are all byproducts of dog poop that isn’t picked up in a timely fashion. That means, with our Tempe AZ poop clean up, you can address all these problems with one great service.

Thorough, trusted Tempe AZ pooper scooper service

Scoop Soldiers is known for our thorough brand of Tempe AZ dog poop clean up. We don’t cut corners and we mean business when we’re on your property. Our team of scoopers relentlessly searches your property to find each pile of waste. We remove the waste, bag it up and bring it with us as we go. You’re left with a pristine, clean property that you and your pets can step around freely upon.

Each Tempe AZ pooper scooper on our team is trained, experienced and insured for your added peace of mind.

Get started with our Tempe AZ pooper scooper service. Our client service team would be happy to assist you with a free quote or get your first visit scheduled.