Tempe Pet Poop Removal Service

There are many different reasons someone would choose to hire a professional Tempe pet poop removal service. But, regardless of your reasoning, there is only one name you need to turn to in order to cover these needs.

Scoop Soldiers is a leading Tempe poop removal company, devoted to doing your dirty work for you. The dirty work in question is picking up the poop left behind by your dogs. You can’t let these hazardous messes sit around on your property; otherwise, they can damage your lawn, infect your pets and more.

With our pet poop removal service in Tempe AZ, dog poop is removed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We also offer a one-time cleaning service to round out our flexible scheduling options.

Why rely on Scoop Soldiers for poop removal in Tempe AZ?

Do you really want to do this chore yourself? Instead of wasting your spare time handling nasty dog poop, you can make a minimal investment to have the professionals take care of it.

Here are some reasons why so many clients turn to our Tempe pet poop removal service.

  • They are physically unable to maintain this important chore
  • Many folks don’t have the spare time to handle it on a weekly basis
  • Their commercial properties are too large to handle themselves
  • They simply don’t want to

You don’t have to have a reason to work with a Tempe poop removal company — this service is simply a luxury that is now accessible to just about ANYONE thanks to the team at Scoop Soldiers.

Let’s get started on your property

You can get a free quote from our staff or put our crews to work on your property as soon as possible. Trust the leading Tempe pet poop removal service here at Scoop Soldiers!