Tempe Pet Waste Management

Scoop Soldiers and our Tempe pet waste management allows you to address dog poop the right way. So many times, pet owners will ignore the messes on their property or hope that rainwater will just wash it away.

We’ve got news for you — your best bet to preserve the health of your lawn and pets is working with an experienced Tempe pet waste service to address the accumulation of dog poop on your property.

Why professional pet waste management in Tempe is important

There are a wide variety of reasons that our residential and commercial clients turn to our pet waste company in Tempe AZ for this important work. When you work with professionals, you get the peace of mind that:

  • The job will be done right. We have designed Tempe pet waste management that not only eliminates the unsightly mounds of poop on your property but also eliminates the germs, bacteria, and smell that are left behind.
  • This chore will be taken care of on a regular basis. Your dog isn’t going to magically stop going to the bathroom (if it does, you should see a vet!). That means you need to be consistent about picking up the dog poop. Scoop Soldiers offers weekly and bi-weekly scheduling options.
  • The waste is disposed of appropriately. Did you know that dog poop is officially considered a pollutant according to the EPA? That means you need a Tempe pet waste service that is conscious of the environment and will deal with the dog poop in a responsible fashion. That’s exactly what you get with Scoop Soldiers.

For a minimal investment, you can forget all about this unsavory chore and hire in professional Tempe pet waste management. Get started with the process by calling our team or requesting a free quote online.