Tempe Pooper Scooper Services

A long list of clients already rely on the Tempe pooper scooper services of the Scoop Soldiers — and you can, too.

Are you sick of spending your weekends out in the yard with a pooper scooper, carefully picking up the smelly, germ-filled messes left behind by your dogs? You can’t really skip this chore because it will turn your property into a sickly, unsanitary mess in a hurry.

Luckily, Scoop Soldiers proudly serves as a Tempe pooper scooper company, dedicated to doing this work for the residential and commercial clients that we work with. Our pooper scooper services in Tempe AZ are highly effective and very affordable. For a minimal investment, you can enjoy the benefit of:

  • Custom scheduling options. From three visits per week to one visit every other week, we offer flexible scheduling solutions so that you can utilize our service when it is needed.
  • Complete care for your lawn. Our pooper scooper company in Tempe AZ erases all the visible signs of your dog. This means we not only remove the mounds of pet waste on a weekly basis but in doing so, we eliminate dead grass, an accumulation of pests (i.e. flies) and the foul stench that hovers in the air.
  • Obligation-free Tempe pooper scooper services. We don’t make our clients sign a contract — we simply go out each day and earn their business the old-fashioned way. Plus, our Tempe pooper scooper company protects all services with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

At Scoop Soldiers, we know that there are plenty of services out there that promise to keep your lawn or commercial property clear of dog poop. We are a “paw” above the rest thanks to our low prices and undeniable quality service.

See so for yourself by scheduling your Tempe pooper scooper services. Our staff is standing by to assist you.