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Here’s a pretty easy question — if you own a dog or manage a pet-friendly property, do you particularly enjoy getting outside each week to pick up the waste left behind by your pets? Of course not — this is hard work and it’s also disgusting.

Instead of forcing yourself to take care of this chore every week, you can call in Scoop Soldiers for West Valley pet waste clean up. We follow a thorough process to make sure your property is completely clear of waste. This includes:

  • Searching every inch of your property — even unexpected areas like porches, patios, flowerbeds and gardens — to find each pile of pet waste.
  • Our West Valley pet waste company staff will use sanitized tools to remove the entire mound of waste, making sure not to leave behind any residual fecal matter.
  • As a part of our pooper scooper service in West Valley AZ, we bag up these messes and we actually take it with us. We don’t charge you extra for haul away or disposal.
  • Once we are all finished, our West Valley AZ pooper scooper service staff will leave you written confirmation that the job has been completed.

What are you doing during all of this? You might be tending to your busy schedule or just enjoying the spare time you now have thanks to the team at Scoop Soldiers.

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