West Valley Dog Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers is ready to take on properties both large and small with our West Valley dog waste removal. We’ve been at this since we opened for business in 2010 and we have tried and true methods of keeping your lawn and landscape clean from the messes left behind by your dogs.

Reliable residential dog waste service in West Valley

Owning a dog can be very rewarding, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves the chores that come with — especially when it comes to picking up poop out in the yard. For a minimal investment, you can ensure that dog poop stays out of your lawn on a regular basis with our weekly dog waste removal in West Valley.

Scoop Soldiers proudly serves residents in West Valley and beyond, providing them with service that finds, removes and hauls away the waste on their properties. This keeps lawns looking nice and pets from being exposed to germs and bacteria.

West Valley dog waste removal for commercial properties

Whether you manage an apartment complex, retail establishment or dog park, our dog waste service in West Valley can be applied to larger commercial properties. For these clients, it’s essential to keep the area clear of harmful pet waste.

You are liable for the health and well-being of both the people and pets that visit your property. With our dog waste removal company in West Valley, you can trust that trained technicians will be working to establish superior sanitation by removing pet waste and treating it for germs and bacteria that are left behind.

Get a quote on our service

Scoop Soldiers would be happy to provide you with a quote on our West Valley dog waste removal. Residential clients can look at our pricing grid online to see our affordable prices while we can provide commercial clients with a custom quote.