West Valley Pet Waste Management

If you value the look and health of your lawn, then professional West Valley pet waste management is more than a worthy investment. Pet waste can cause serious damage to your property, but Scoop Soldiers is here to minimize that impact by removing it in a timely fashion.

Our West Valley pet waste service opened for business in 2010 as an extension of a lawn care business. Pet waste removal and lawn care essentially go hand-in-hand because it is impossible for you to maintain a nice looking lawn or commercial property when it is riddled with dog poop.

Scoop Soldiers offers pet waste management in West Valley that allows you to:

  • Avoid dead patches of grass. Dog poop is not like natural, manure-based fertilizers. Dog poop contains chemicals that will burn your grass and kill it off.
  • Maintain a full, consistent lawn. The efforts of our pet waste company in West Valley AZ also helps you avoid bald spots in your lawn, which can be a real eyesore.
  • Eliminate germs and bacteria from your property than can get both people and pets sick. With our West Valley pet waste management, we find and remove every pile of waste and then sanitize and deodorize the area.
  • Protect your flower beds, areas of mulch, patios, and porches. Dogs can leave their nasty gifts everywhere — our West Valley pet waste service finds them so that your landscaping doesn’t suffer as a result.

At Scoop Soldiers, we care about the health of your lawn. That is why we work so hard to provide thorough work that you can count on.

Learn more about our West Valley pet waste management techniques and how you can put it to work on your property. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote.