West Valley Poop Scooping Service

Your search for a reliable West Valley poop scooping service company is over. We are the Scoop Soldiers, and we’re ready to deploy to your lawn or property to do battle against offensive and hazardous piles of dog poop.

When you allow dog poop to remain on your property for a week or more, it will start to make an impact — a negative impact. Our West Valley scooping company offers weekly and bi-weekly services that make sure these messes are picked up in quick order.

Along with our poop scooping service company in West Valley, you can avoid such things as:

  • Dead or discolored grass
  • Bald spots on your lawn
  • Pests such as flies, maggots, and even mice or rats
  • A foul odor that hangs over your property
  • Germs and bacteria that can jeopardize the health of both people and pets

Why deal with all this when, for a minimal investment, you can call in professional poop scooping in West Valley AZ?

Scoop Soldiers offers services that fit your needs

Whether you want weekly visits from our West Valley poop scooping service company, or you just need our team to come in once and whip your property into shape, we have solutions for you.

Not only are our scheduling options flexible, but there is no obligation involved. You don’t have to sign a contract with our West Valley scooping company — you can start, stop and tweak your service whenever you need to.

Also, Scoop Soldiers provides the very best prices. Seriously — shop the competition and you will see. If you find something cheaper, we want to know about it!

The men and women at our West Valley poop scooping service company are standing by to talk to you about your property and your needs. Contact us right now or else submit an online quote request to see how much it would cost to bring the Scoop Soldiers to your property.