West Valley Pooper Scooper Business

Welcome to the online home for a leading West Valley pooper scooper business. We are Scoop Soldiers and welcome pet owners or pet-friendly commercial property managers to explore the valuable service that we provide.

Think about the convenience that would come with having an experienced pooper scooper in West Valley AZ visit your lawn or property to find, remove and haul away all the waste left behind by your dog. You would save time, energy and the hassle of doing it yourself.

This is easily accessible thanks to our pooper scooper business in West Valley. We offer affordable service that is delivered on your terms.

No obligation required — you can start your service right now

While another West Valley scooper business might twist your arm to commit to a long-term agreement, we don’t do that. In fact, Scoop Soldiers offers flexible scheduling options that you can adjust however you see fit.

Our West Valley pooper scooper business can visit your property up to three times in a single week, but our most popular service is once-a-week visits.

We offer free quotes and we don’t play games with your money

You can see how much a visit from a pooper scooper in West Valley AZ will cost you by talking to our team. We will provide you with an estimate and then we will stick to this number. We don’t charge you more for multiple dogs, oversized lots, initial cleanings or anything else. It’s straightforward pricing and it’s also the best prices that you will find.

Our West Valley pooper scooper business has been open since 2010, providing our clients with this very important service. The service that we offer will help keep your pets and lawn healthy — plus, it saves you from having to do it yourself. Get started now.