Alamo Heights Pooper Scooper Services

An effective Alamo Heights pooper scooper will accomplish more than just make your property look nice — they will protect you, and everyone else — including pets — from harmful germs and bacteria.

There are few things more riddled with germs and bacteria than pet waste. And, when you don’t find the time to pick up after the dogs on your property, you are welcoming these harmful things into your life with open arms. They can affect the health of your family, friends and pets. Our pooper scooper company in Alamo Heights TX has a solution.

Keeping your property clean and sanitary

When you work with Scoop Soldiers, you will receive regular visits from a qualified pooper scooper in Alamo Heights, who is ready to carefully comb your property to find and remove all mounds of dog poop. By getting these piles off your property, it removes the risk of someone or something coming into contact with them.

On top of that, your Alamo Heights pooper scooper will use natural, yet powerful, agents to sanitize your property. After all, germs and bacteria can linger long after the mounds of pet waste have been removed. Our pooper scooper company in Alamo Heights TX even disposes of the waste off-site, to completely remove the threat.

Creating a safe environment for your pets

Feces is actually one of the primary ways that pets pass diseases to each other. Why take the risk by allowing dog feces to hang around on your lawn. With the help of Scoop Soldiers, you can stay on top of this seemingly endless chore. You can schedule your service on a frequency schedule, or hire us for one-time service.

These germs and bacteria are nothing to take lightly. Let an Alamo Heights pooper scooper clean your lawn and remove the risk. Talk to our staff at Scoop Soldiers right now.