Alamo Heights TX Pet Waste Removal

With the help of Scoop Soldiers and our Alamo Heights TX pet waste removal service, you can keep your lawn looking pristine and perfect. This can be an impossible feat when you have dogs running around all day, using your yard as a giant toilet.

While dog feces does damage grass, having a dog doesn’t necessarily have to take its toll on your yard if you don’t let it. Scoop Soldiers and our pet waste service in Alamo Heights will show you how.

Avoiding damage to your property

As an experienced provider of pet waste removal in Alamo Heights TX, we have seen first hand how dog poop can hurt the appearance of your lawn. When you allow pet waste to build up, it can:

  • Kill your grass
  • Hurt the appearance with mound after mound littering your lawn
  • Invite flies, maggots and other nasty pests
  • Create a foul odor that hovers over your property

That doesn’t sound like a picture-perfect yard, does it? That’s all right; Scoop Soldiers can help with our Alamo Heights TX pet waste removal.

When we visit your home or commercial property, we remove each and every mound of pet waste and dispose of it off site. We also take measures to destroy the germs, bacteria and odor that are left behind.

With our pet waste service in Alamo Heights, paired with the proper upkeep for your grass and shrubs, you will be left with a great looking property that could grow into the envy of the neighborhood.

Dogs don’t have to ruin your lawn

It’s possible to own dogs and still have a show-stopping yard that looks like it came off the pages of a home and garden magazine. It just takes careful attention, which is what Scoop Soldiers offers with our Alamo Heights TX pet waste removal service.