Kirby TX Pet Waste Removal Service

A lot of people come to Scoop Soldiers asking us why we decided to start a professional Kirby TX pet waste removal service. Sure, we’re a business, but our passion lies a lot deeper than that.

When you speak with our staff, you will quickly find out that Scoop Soldiers is just your average group of dog lovers. We own dogs ourselves and wanted to do something special to help the area’s pet owners.

With our pet waste service in Kirby, we are able to take one of the most undesirable chores off of your plate so you can spend that time loving on your dog. We have developed effective and thorough techniques that leave your property spotless every single time.

Pet waste removal in Kirby TX for your dog

It might be ultra convenient for you, but your dogs will also benefit from our Kirby TX pet waste removal service.

  • We give your dogs room to roam — no dog likes to spend its recreational time surrounded by mounds of feces.
  • So many diseases are passed from dog to dog through pet waste. With our service, you are able to preserve the health of your four-legged friends so they can live a long and happy life.
  • The men and women behind our pet waste service in Kirby love being around dogs. You don’t have to round them up and drag them inside while we’re out working on your property. We might even have a little treat for them!

We know what it is like to slave away in the yard all afternoon long, picking up after your dog, only to do the very same thing next week.

With our Kirby TX pet waste removal service, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Just trust the duty to Scoop Soldiers and enjoy a clean, fresh-smelling property!