Live Oak Pooper Scooper Company

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where we can send a Live Oak pooper scooper out to your property as soon as you need. That’s right — we are ready to deploy and take aim at public enemy number one: mounds of pet waste.

Dog feces is a huge problem for both residential lawns and commercial properties. Not only do they make your property look unappealing and unsanitary, but dog poop can kill grass and expose both humans and pets to germs and bacteria. Our pooper scooper company in Live Oak TX keeps waste off of your lawn for an affordable rate.

Weekly pet waste removal that you can count on

A pooper scooper in Live Oak from our staff can visit your property however often, or seldom, that you need. Our service packages include up to three visits per week. For clients that don’t have a really urgent need for pet waste removal, they might find our bi-weekly service more appealing.

When our Live Oak pooper scooper visits your lawn, they will thoroughly walk every inch of your property to make sure that no mound is left behind. Each pile of pet waste is removed and the area is sanitized to treat your lawn for the residual germs and bacteria.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Our pooper scooper company in Live Oak TX wants to make sure that you know your money is being invested wisely. Not only do we over deliver on value, but we protect all of our services with a money-back guarantee. There are no strings attached — if we don’t follow through on our promise of thorough and effective service, you don’t have to pay.

It’s that simple to have a Live Oak pooper scooper fighting your battle out on your property. Call our office staff right now to schedule your service, or to ask us any questions you might have.