San Antonio Dog Waste Pick Up

At Scoop Soldiers, our San Antonio dog waste pick up team never leaves a pile behind. If you can’t step outside without ruining a pair of shoes, you might find yourself frustrated with your furry family members.

However, this completely natural effect of having pets should not prevent you from enjoying your yard, which is why our goal is to offer affordable and reliable dog poop disposal in San Antonio for residential and commercial clients.

Many do not know the negative effects of leaving pet waste to decompose, which can be prevented by our dedicated dog waste pick up in San Antonio TX. Some effects include:

  • Tapeworms
  • Hook worms
  • Parvovirus
  • Giardia
  • Destruction of grass
  • Increase in flies and other pests
  • General inability to enjoy your lawn

When you purchase your property, you pick a place where you can grow. If you cannot fully utilize your property, that growth might stagnate. Our San Antonio dog waste pick up service offers multiple plans, including:

  • Three times weekly and two times weekly, for the families and businesses with many pets or busy pets.
  • One time weekly, for those with less waste.
  • Bi-weekly, for those who usually keep up on their own.
  • One-time pick ups, for those who keep up their own yard dog poop disposal in San Antonio, but might need help during busier times.

Many businesses are also pet friendly and are more than welcome to inquire about our services. Included in our prices is a maximum of four dogs, but we are able to service homes and businesses with more dogs visiting.

To avoid sicknesses being spread from dog to dog or from dog to human, and to continue getting the full use of your yard, you need the help of a professional San Antonio dog waste pick up crew. Scoop Soldiers, a locally owned business based on family values, can help. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your first clean up.