If you are tired of stepping out the door for work just to ruin your shoe’s with a “present” your beloved dog left for you, you should consider hiring a San Antonio pooper scooper. But you do not want just any pooper scooper in San Antonio; you want Scoop Soldiers.

Scoop Soldiers is the area’s leading pooper scooper company in San Antonio TX. Our founders, Josh Cahill and EJ McCoy, started Scoop Soldiers after years of dedicated work with our sister company, which helps local homeowners care for their lawns.

They noticed that many of their lawn care clients were becoming overwhelmed by their efforts to keep up with the “stink bombs” their pets dropped on a daily basis. Instead of struggling to do it on their own, these clients, and many others like them, now take advantage of Scoop Soldiers, the best San Antonio pooper scooper around.

At Scoop Soldiers, we offer a variety of plans, ranging from three-times weekly to a one-time clean up.

Many scheduling and pricing options

Our different weekly plans allow us to keep up on this task. This means that we prevent decomposition and harmful effects of it sitting on your lawn for a prolonged period of time. Our bi-weekly plan does not allow us to visit as often, but is helpful for those of you with fewer pets and less waste. And our one-time plan means one-and-done, whenever you need it. This is ideal for those pet owners who typically stay on top of waste clean up, but need extra help during busy times of the year.

Our pooper scooper company in San Antonio TX is dedicated to helping you keep your lawn clean and offering these vital services at an affordable rate. We include up to four dogs in our prices, and lower our prices for frequency plans. The cleaner you want your yard to be, the more you will save! Call our San Antonio pooper scooper today for more information.