San Antonio TX Dog Poop Clean Up

If you feel like your family can’t step outside without ruining a shoe or two, you might need the services of our San Antonio TX dog poop clean up. Scoop Soldiers is a locally owned business that operates on family values. The focus of our dog poop service in San Antonio and surrounding areas is simple: To keep your yard clean, and to make your life a little easier.

Many people do not know about the harmful effects of leaving dog poop to decompose in your grass. Our dog poop clean up in San Antonio TX can prevent many harmful effects, including:

  • The spread of diseases from animal to animal, like parvovirus, whipworms, giardia, coccidia and more. These parasites can infect one dog when she or he interacts with the waste of another. They can also re-infect your dog after you have treated him or her.
  • The spread of diseases from animal to human, such as hookworms, tapeworms, threadworms and other parasites that humans can contract.
  • Increase in flies and other pests. Leaving waste around, even if not decomposing in the lawn, will attract these nasty neighbors. Utilizing our San Antonio TX dog poop clean up will not only mean clean grass, but a property with no dog poop waiting for trash day or compost day.
  • General unhappiness with the inability to use your lawn. When you step outside and immediately explode on a landmine, your day is ruined.

Our dog poop service in San Antonio keeps your lawn’s health and growth at heart. The founders of Scoop Soldiers, Josh Cahill and EJ McCoy, began this business when they noticed a great need in the area, both commercially and residentially. Homeowners and business owners were struggling to keep up with their furry friends and that caused the health of their lawns to suffer.

In order to offer this vital service to everyone, we keep our prices low and provide discounts when you request multiple cleanings per week. For more information on our low prices and dedicated services, please contact our San Antonio TX dog poop clean up team today through our website’s contact page or by phone.