San Antonio TX Pet Waste Removal Service

Scoop Soldiers offers expert San Antonio TX pet waste removal at affordable rates. Our founders believe that everyone should have a clean and healthy yard; unaffected and unharmed by the “presents” their furry family members leave behind. This is why we founded Scoop Soldiers as a community pet waste service in San Antonio.

Many pet owners are surprised at how harmful it can be to let pet waste decompose on the lawn. Some of the possible effects include:

  • Various worms, such as tapeworms, hookworms, campylobacteriosis and threadworms. These can be contracted by humans.
  • Dogs eating the “bombs” left behind. Let’s face it — we love them, but they’re not the most hygienic.
  • Additional parasites such as whipworms, parvovirus, giardia and coccidia infecting the soil and possibly your other pets

In addition to the harmful effects on your lawn, most pet owners already know about the harmful effects pet waste can have on their shoes and dog’s shiny coat. But with our pet waste removal in San Antonio TX, you will not have to worry about these issues.

Scoop Soldiers’ San Antonio TX pet waste removal offers multiple plans to meet the dynamic needs of our community members. Each plan includes up to four dogs in your home.

We recommend one of our various weekly plans, depending on how many pets you have, to prevent decomposition. Our pet waste service in San Antonio also offers the bi-weekly and one-time plans for those who normally clean the yard up on their own, but may need help occasionally.

When they noticed their lawn care clients struggling to keep their yards clean and healthy, our founders wanted to help. Now, we offer our services both residentially and commercially, to help community members and businesses keep their lawns clean. For more information on how we can help you, please contact our San Antonio TX pet waste removal service today.