San Antonio TX Pooper Scooper

Most pet owners hate cleaning up their dogs’ poop, but many do not realize that help is just a phone call away at our San Antonio TX pooper scooper service. Scoop Soldiers has been providing top-notch lawn-clearing services in North Texas for years, and now we are looking to bring the same value and benefit to your Austin and San Antonio area home or business.

Our high-quality service can even support your commercial property if dog waste has become a problem. No other provider of San Antonio dog waste clean up is as reliable, trustworthy and efficient as our Scoop Soldiers team. Why bother with the competition? Let us take care of your lawn as we would our own.

Why choose a San Antonio TX pooper scooper service?

Many pet owners do not realize that there are environmental consequences to disposing of pet waste. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, residents can take comfort knowing that Scoop Soldiers is disposing of your dog’s waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Our San Antonio dog waste clean up prevents waste from traveling into the city’s water system, potentially tainting lakes, sewer systems and streams with dangerous bacteria.
  • Our activities are governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and our pooper scooper service in San Antonio fully complies with government regulations regarding pet waste disposal.
  • Scoop Soldiers is also committed to providing you with an efficient, friendly service that allows you to get on with your day rather than dealing with your dog’s waste.
  • We offer a variety of pricing plans, visiting as often as three times per week to keep your yard spic and span.

Our troopers are even comfortable picking up after your dog if he or she is outside in the yard! Our flexibility and ability to cater to individual customers makes us the trusted San Antonio TX pooper scooper service. Contact us today to learn more!