Schertz TX Pet Waste Removal

Your dog leaves behind up to a pound of waste on your lawn each day — without the help of a Schertz TX pet waste scooper company, you could easily get behind on cleaning your yard. Imagine the embarrassment of having to make a quick cleanup when one of your neighbors steps on a “land mine” left by your pup during a cookout or other gathering.

Avoid this negative outcome and keep your hands clean by hiring our qualified Schertz pooper scooper service. Our skilled technicians sniff out even the most hidden doggy waste, allowing you to feel more confident about the condition of your lawn. No matter the size and scope of your cleanup job, our pet waste scooper company in Schertz is up to the challenge.

Isn’t pet waste good for my lawn?

Our Schertz TX pet waste scooper company knows that many people believe that dog waste will fertilize their lawn. This myth is probably related to the fact that people use cow manure and other excrement for fertilizing crops.

In fact, your doggy doo will damage your lawn if left in one spot for too long. Cows and other herbivores produce manure that is beneficial for plant growth, but the same is not true for dogs, which have an entirely different diet. By enlisting the help of a Schertz pooper scooper service, you are promoting the continued welfare of the lawn that you have worked so hard to maintain.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, and you do not want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up after Fido and Fifi every night when you get home. For that reason, we offer a variety of services, including thrice-weekly visits.

The services offered by our Schertz TX pet waste scooper company are affordable and reliable. Treat yourself to the luxury of a pooper scooper; you will be glad that you did!