Schertz TX Pooper Scooper Service

If you did not know that dog waste can scald and injure your lawn, you might benefit from the services of a Schertz TX pooper scooper service. Too many area residents falsely believe that their dog’s waste will somehow help their lawn grow to be lush and beautiful.

This myth is a holdover from our agrarian roots, when we used cow manure and other herbivore waste to fertilize our crops. What most people do not understand: Dogs are not herbivores, and their waste is dangerous, not only to your grass, but also to local water sources. Choosing our Schertz dog waste clean up services means that you are selecting the safer, environmentally friendly option that will protect your lawn and your community.

Why is Scoop Soldiers the Schertz TX pooper scooper service of choice?

No other Schertz dog waste clean up company is as dedicated to your satisfaction as Scoop Soldiers. Our company has been a trusted provider of scooping services in the Dallas area for years, and now we are excited to bring our special skills to your area.

When you select Scoop Soldiers for your cleanup needs, you are selecting an efficient, cost-effective and trustworthy company. With plans starting at just $9.99 per visit, our services are far more affordable than you might think. Reclaim your time with your family and friends — and enjoy the lawn of your dreams — by enlisting the help of our pooper scooper service in Schertz.

Protecting you, your pets and the environment

Selecting our poop scooping service is often the more cost-conscious, environmentally friendly option, even when compared to composting and in-ground digesters. Many at-home systems fail to function if temperatures drop below 40 degrees and composting requires a significant amount of skill and commitment. Why not simply trust our Schertz TX pooper scooper service to take the weight off your shoulders? Check out our diverse service plan offerings today.