Universal City Dog Waste Pick Up

Scoop Soldiers wants to invite you to take advantage of our Universal City dog waste pick up to help keep your lawn or property clean. Dog waste invites germs, bacteria, flies, maggots and so many other unsavory things to your property. It’s important to remove the waste as quickly as possible.

We offer dog poop disposal in Universal City TX that does just that. With the help of our professional, punctual staff, you can receive regular visits from our crews, which will comb your property to remove every pile left behind by your dogs.

Getting germs and bacteria off of your property

Not only does Scoop Soldiers find and remove each mound of pet waste, but we also go the extra mile with our dog waste pick up in Universal City to make sure you are isolated from the germs and bacteria that come with dog feces. After we remove a pile, we will sanitize the area, so that any lingering germs and bacteria will be taken care of.

As we administer our Universal City dog waste pick up service, we store the pet waste in sanitary bags and take them away from your yard to dispose of them. This ensures that the germs and bacteria are far away from you, your family and your pets.

Schedule your dog poop disposal in Universal City TX

We offer very flexible scheduling options — from three times a week to a one-time cleaning. Each option comes with competitive pricing. We don’t require you to sign a contract, either. You can change your service to meet your ever-shifting needs.

Picking up after your dogs is no fun at all. Luckily, you don’t have to be the one to do it. Thanks to our affordable and effective Universal City dog waste pick up service, Scoop Soldiers will take care of it for you!