Universal City TX Pet Waste Removal Service

Scoop Soldiers is a locally owned and operated company that offers supreme Universal City TX pet waste removal. Our staff is comprised of trained, dedicated pooper scoopers that will work wonders on your property.

As an experienced provider of pet waste service in Universal City, we know that picking up pet waste is one of the least desirable chores out there. That’s why so many residential and commercial clients come to us. Just think about it — when you have to do it yourself, you could spend hours out in the yard:

  • Finding each pile: Dogs can make a habit out of going to the bathroom in weird places. When you are taking care of your own pet waste removal in Universal City TX, you have to find these hidden mounds of dog feces to make sure you get it all.
  • Picking it up and disposing of it: We’ll spare you the gory details, but often, dog waste is not completely solid. This can create a stomach-churning mess, and then you have to find a place to dump it.
  • Sweating it out: Our Universal City TX pet waste removal sends scoopers out to your yard so you don’t have to toil away under the hot sun.

There are so many reasons that dog owners don’t want to mess with this dirty chore — and we don’t blame you. Scoop Soldiers, however, offers enthusiastic pet waste service in Universal City that delivers results.

We are equipped with the sanitary tools needed to remove and dispose of pet waste without spreading germs and bacteria. We don’t leave any mounds behind, either.

See what our Universal City TX pet waste removal service can do for you. Contact our staff and we can answer any questions or concerns you might have.