Windcrest Pooper Scooper Services

As an experienced Windcrest pooper scooper, we are here to tell you that there is more to the process of picking up after your pooch than simply shoveling pet waste into a plastic bag. True, that might get mounds of dog waste off of your lawn, but are you really cleaning the area?

We are Scoop Soldiers, and, with our service, we will show you the right way to clean up after dogs. Our pooper scooper company in Windcrest TX has a thorough process that we follow each and every time, and it yields outstanding results.

Don’t cut corners!

When you work with a pooper scooper in Windcrest from our team, you know that you are getting attention from a professional that isn’t going to cut corners. To truly erase the unsanitary signs of your dog, our team does the following when we visit:

  • Locate each and every mound of dog waste. Missing a mound or two will leave germs and bacteria to fester on your lawn.
  • Remove the dog waste and store it in a sanitary, heavy plastic bag. Your Windcrest pooper scooper will dispose of this elsewhere, so that you don’t have to deal with the smell and germs on your property.
  • Once the dog waste is removed, our pooper scooper company in Windcrest TX will sanitize the area to kill any lingering germs and bacteria. We will also take measures to eliminate the smell that often hangs over a property, even after the job is completed.

That is what we call a complete dog waste removal service. Anything less might be counterproductive — you still might be dealing with germs, bacteria, a foul smell and mounds of poop to hurt the appearance of your property.

Get careful, complete service by turning to a Windcrest pooper scooper from Scoop Soldiers. We are standing by right now to help you schedule your service.