The Ulti-mutt Holiday Gift Guide: Pet Edition

Looking for stocking stuffers and gift ideas to spoil your pup this holiday season? Then we have the perfect guide for you! (Added bonus: these gifts are also great for the Dog Lover in your life.) Shop our favorite pet-themed holiday gifts below!

Colorful Custom Food Bowls

These adorable bowls come in three different base colors and 31 different colors for name personalization! Choose between three available sizes to find the perfect bowl for your hungry pup!

Festive Dog Treats

You might be tempted to snag a cookie for yourself, but these festive treats are prepared specially for your dog! Made with peanut butter dough, these yummy bites are perfect for a Christmas Day snack.

WonderWoof Activity Monitor

This adorable bow tie activity tracker attaches to your dog’s collar to track their daily activity and ensure they are getting enough exercise – a perfect present for the sporty pup in your life!

Cozy Snowman Sweater

Your fur baby and real-life baby need these matching snowman sweaters ASAP! They are cute, festive, and they’ll make for a great Christmas picture!

Holiday Themed Dog Toy