Three Water Safety Tips for Your Pup

Summer’s in full swing and so are the frequent trips to your backyard pool or local beach with your four-legged best friend. While swimming can be a great way for your pup to beat the heat, it’s essential to keep your dog’s safety in mind as well as properly introduce them to water. Before bringing Fido lakeside this summer, be sure to read through our water safety tips below:

Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable in Water

Don’t assume your dog can swim right off the bat – pups need to learn how to swim just like humans do! Although Fido will more than likely be able to learn at a quicker rate, making your dog feel comfortable and gradually introducing them to the water will pay off in the long run. Even in a playful manner, simply tossing your pup into the water can be traumatizing and might resort in them being terrified of water as a whole.

Keep Your Pup Close

Unlike humans, dogs don’t fully grasp the concept of needed rest time or treading water when swimming. Even strong swimmers can tire quickly, potentially putting them in danger of drowning. Be sure to always keep Fido close when swimming so you can respond swiftly should anything happen!

Clean Your Dog’s Ears After Every Swim

When the doggy paddling is done, it’s vital to clean Fido’s ears. Lingering lake and ocean water can set the stage for a bacterial ear infection, which can rapidly eat through your pup’s ear drum. If you’re not sure how to properly clean the ear, ask your vet for a quick demonstration!

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