Three Water Safety Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe This Summer

With summer approaching, we’re getting pretty doggone excited for all the pool days and beach trips with our four-legged companions. While swimming can be a great way for your pet to exercise and cool down in the heat, it’s important to always keep their safety in mind! Consider our top water safety tips below to insure you and your pooch have a summer well-spent:


It’s important to know where your pup is at all times when around water. Keeping your pooch within sight can help prevent a multitude of accidents and illnesses that could potentially happen otherwise. Make sure you can respond quickly should you come across any issues and never allow unsupervised swimming!


Letting salt or pool chemicals dry on your fur-friends can irritate their skin and, if swallowed, make them sick. Be sure to give Fido a nice rinse off with a hose or shower after taking a dip!


Although your dog might see an ocean or pool as an oversized water bowl, it’s imperative you don’t allow them to lap up lake, river, pool or ocean water. The chemicals, bacteria, parasites and salt from the waters they play in can make them ill, so make sure a clean, fresh bowl of drinking water is within a paws reach!

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