Tips for Keeping your Pup Cool During Summer Heat Waves

With the summer heat incoming, it is normal to want to enjoy the heat and spend time outside. Don’t forget about your pup during these times. Dogs can struggle to regulate temperature during hotter months because they do not sweat like humans do. So, it is important to always consider them when you’re spending time outside during the summer. Ensure your pup stays cool with the following tips.

Avoid the midday sun

Try to plan when you take your dog out to avoid the midday sun. The midday sun is the most powerful, damaging sun that occurs between 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon. The midday sun is when the temperature and heat index are at their hottest, so your pup will thank you if you avoid spending too much time outside during these times. Planning longer walks for the morning and the evening will help your pup stay cool and avoid that midday sun.

Always have fresh water available

Your pup uses water as a way to cool down when they are hot. That is why it’s important to always have fresh, preferably cold, water for them to drink. If you’re going on a walk, be sure to bring a portable, collapsible bowl that can be filled with water. That way, if your dog starts to overheat, you can help them out as quickly as possible. If you notice that your pup is excessively panting, stop any activity, find shade and give them water.

Prepare some freezer treats

Dogs love to eat cold treats, especially when it’s hot out. You can make frozen treats for your pooch that they will love. Dogs also love ice cubes in their water bowls or even just as a snack to help them cool down. Ice cubes are good for dogs to lick because their tongue is their most effective way of cooling down.

Prepare your backyard for the heat

There are a few steps that you can take to prepare your backyard for the heat. Ensure that your pup has a place to lie down where they are shaded. Dogs need to have a way of escaping the sun when left outdoors for extended periods. You can also invest in a dog pool as some dogs love water and playing in the water. It can be a great way of keeping your pup cool during the summer. Having a dog pool allows your pooch to cool down in the pool or drink up if they want.

It is important to know the signs of heatstroke in your pup. If your dog appears to be having a heat stroke, stop whatever activity you are doing, move to a cool, shaded area and call a vet immediately if your pup’s conditions do not improve. 

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