Top 3 Working Dog Breeds

Named for their strength, agility, intelligence and talent, the working dog class is full of pups regarded as the workaholics of the canine community. They work alongside police, bomb detection squads, the military, therapists, farmers, search-and-rescue teams and beyond to make the world a safer environment for us all. Although we have a special place in our heart for all pups, the working dog breed includes some of the most skilled dogs on the planet.

Ready to adopt one of these stellar companions? Check out our list of the top 3 working dog breeds to help you decide!

1. German Shepherd

Arguably the most popular working dog breed of them all, German shepherds are especially beloved by police officers, the military and more because of their keen senses that aid their detection and tracking capabilities. Though most people identify the breed by their distinctive black and brown coat, German shepherds can also have various coat colors like light brown, white and all black!

2. Bloodhound

Did you know bloodhounds have been known to follow scent trails for over 130 miles?! That’s exactly what makes them so good at one of their main jobs: tracking. Hailing from medieval France, the breed was used to track wild game, including deer and boar. After realizing their skill, humans eventually began using this strong, determined breed for tracking missing persons and fugitives!

3. Siberian Husky

Mush! Huskies can be found all across the world as one of the most popular household pets, but the breed originated in Northeast Asia where they were trained as sled dogs. Siberian Huskies are known for their incredible command over difficult terrain, such as snow-covered mountains and frozen expanses. They were developed to work in packs, which just so happens to make them one of the friendliest domestic pets!