Bixby Dog Waste Removal

Don’t ignore pet waste on your lawn — bring in the Scoop Soldiers for quality Bixby dog waste removal.

Dog poop isn’t going to go away on its own. A lot of people think that it will disintegrate or that the rain will simply wash it away. While dog waste might eventually decompose, it actually takes nearly a year to do so, meaning you have to deal with it on your property for that period of time.

Our dog waste service in Bixby can help. Scoop Soldiers offers very affordable dog waste removal in Bixby that thoroughly cleans your lawn of the harmful feces left behind by your dogs. We will send a poop scooper out to your property to carefully search for each and every pile of waste.

The staff of our dog waste removal company in Bixby will then properly remove the waste, bag it up and dispose of it offsite. For added measure, we will sanitize and deodorize your lawn to make sure that you are not left with residual germs, bacteria or an odor.

Don’t let pet waste ruin your lawn or harm your dogs

A lot of people see dog waste as being relatively harmless. However, as longtime providers of Bixby dog waste removal, we have seen first hand how the germs, bacteria and chemicals in dog poop can ruin lawns by killing grass and attracting flies, maggots and other unsavory pests.

Also, most diseases that are passed from one dog to another are done so through feces, meaning that waste left on your property can get your pups sick. Our dog waste service in Bixby will make sure that doesn’t happen.

With our satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your Bixby dog waste removal will provide you with the expected results. Call in the Scoop Soldiers! We are standing by to talk to you about your property and provide you with a free quote.