Bixby Pet Waste Removal

Unlock the convenience that comes with professional Bixby OK pet waste removal. Scoop Soldiers works with many local residential and commercial clients to offer them relief from having to clean up poop left behind by their dogs.

This is one of the worst chores associated with pet ownership — but it doesn’t have to be. With Scoop Soldiers and our Bixby pet waste removal services, you can divert this obligation to the capable hands of our crew members. 

Pet waste removal in Bixby OK to handle lawns of all sizes

Scoop Soldiers is equipped to handle properties of all sizes, no matter how many dogs might be roaming free on them. The results are always the same — when our crews leave, you are left with a clean, sanitary property without a single trace of pet waste in sight.

Our Bixby OK pet waste removal does not even charge you extra if you have an oversized lawn. We also don’t charge you for extra pets. But, if you do have more than four dogs on the premises, talk to us and we can provide you with a custom quote.

Our commitment to offering affordable Bixby pet waste removal services that are also highly effective is what sets us apart from similar services. 

Protect the people and pets on your property

Dog poop is more than just disgusting to look at. It carries germs, bacteria and many different diseases that can get you or your pets sick. Eliminate this unnecessary health hazard by calling in our pet waste removal company in Bixby.

We are serious about sanitation. We not only remove each pile of waste on your property, but we also sanitize the area left behind.

Your lawn will look great and your pets will be happy, and it’s all thanks to Scoop Soldiers and our Bixby OK pet waste removal. Get started now by talking to our team.