Broken Arrow Dog Waste Removal

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we take pride in offering Broken Arrow dog waste removal that is thorough and effective. While picking up dog poop might not seem like an overly complicated task, there is certainly a right way and wrong way of doing it.

Our dog waste service in Broken Arrow consists of a tried and true method of waste removal, disposal and sanitation that is delivered by an experienced and trained group of scoopers. These are men and women that will remove each mound of pet waste on your property and also make sure that the germs, bacteria and odor goes with it.

Common mistakes you can make when picking up dog poop

Scoop Soldiers has mastered the “science” of dog waste removal in Broken Arrow. That’s because we are focused and diligent on making sure the waste is removed the right way. When you casually stroll through your property picking up waste on your own, you could be making some of the following mistakes.

  • Missing mounds: To the untrained eye, it’s easy to miss one or several mounds of waste. On the flip side, the motto of our Broken Arrow dog waste removal is “Leave no mound behind.” We get them all!
  • Not removing the entire pile: Some pooper scoopers will cause the pile of waste to smear in the grass — it doesn’t remove it cleanly. This leaves harmful matter behind to hurt your lawn and potentially your pets. Scoop Soldiers removes all residue with our dog waste service in Broken Arrow.
  • Waiting too long: Dog poop cleanup is essentially a weekly chore. If you wait too long to remove it, your grass can die and germs and bacteria can spread. Our dog waste removal company in Broken Arrow offers weekly, bi-weekly and one-time visits.

Scoop Soldiers is serious about your dog’s business. Enlist the help of our Broken Arrow dog waste removal to achieve a clean, sanitary lawn.