Broken Arrow OK Pet Waste Removal

With professional Broken Arrow OK pet waste removal, you can enjoy your lawn without fear of stepping in a mushy, nasty surprise.

Most pet owners have likely fallen victim to it in the past. You’re outside, having a good time and not looking where you are stepping and — SPLAT. Your foot comes down on a pile of dog poop. Now, you have to spend the next 20 minutes carefully cleaning the bottom of your shoe so you don’t track it into the house.

This doesn’t have to be the case, and the remedy comes in the form of regular visits from a Broken Arrow OK pet pooper scooper.

Scoop Soldiers employs some of the most dedicated scoopers

Our pet waste removal in Broken Arrow OK is administered by men and women who actually love what they do. Sure, you can joke all you want about how this is a “crappy” job, but it’s a very important one.

Dog poop contains germs and bacteria that can get your pets sick and ruin your lawn. With our Broken Arrow OK pet waste removal, you are able to remove the waste off of your property quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t pose a threat.

Each Broken Arrow OK pet pooper scooper on our team will deliver extensive service while they are at your home or commercial property. They effectively:

  • Locate
  • Remove
  • Dispose (offsite)
  • Sanitize
  • Deodorize

You’re not going to find a more comprehensive service from just any old pooper scooper in Broken Arrow OK.

Affordable service that gets you results

Not only is our Broken Arrow OK pet waste removal affordable, but it’s protected by a satisfaction guarantee. That means that we promise you will get a full return on your investment coming in the form of a clean, sanitary property.